Luvos Medical Skin Care

Luvos Healing Earth has had a firm place in manifold naturopathic uses for more than 100 years. This rich experience gained in this time is the basis of the deep penetrating Luvos medical Skin Care range, which was developed in cooperation with dermatologists.

Luvos' clinically-dermatologically tested Medical Skin Care is specially formulated to meet the needs of very dry, irritated and flaky skin and is ideal for the treatment of neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis). This creates a unique effect of application.

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Luvos med - Triple active principle

The Luvos med series is based on the power of the valued "Healing Earth" since antiquity.

The innovative Luvos med products are optimally matched to each other and are characterized by the unique Triple active principle. This is fundamentally based on three pillars:


 1. Skin protection: Significantly improves the skin's moisture content, supports the skin's own defence mechanism, therefore enhancing its protective function

2. Soothing effect: Because it works so intensively, it noticeably helps to ease redness, tightness, itching and flakiness

3. Skin barrier: Proven to boost regeneration of the skin's barrier, thus improving the skin’s natural moisture reserves

Clinically tested

The effectiveness and compatibility of Luvos med Acute Serum has been tested and confirmed in a clinical trial carried out by the independent Dermatest institute.

Study convinces with "very good"

The changes in the skin condition of 20 participants with mild to moderate eczema (atopic dermatitis) were observed over four weeks and finally evaluated in various dermatological examinations. Following the use of Acute Serum and Body Lotion, the condition of the skin has improved by 27% according to SCORAD (Severity Scoring of Atopic Dermatitis).

Luvos med Acute Serum

The effectiveness and compatibility of Luvos med Acute Serum has been tested and confirmed with "very good" in a clinical trial. The loss of skin's own moisture, termed transepidermal water loss, has decreased by 21% in the user study. Further results of the Dermatest study:

  • Reduction in dryness: 49 %
  • Reduction in redness: 45 %
  • Reduction in flakiness: 52 %


Valuable natural ingredients 

For Luvos med ultrafine Healing Earth is enhanced by selected active ingredients of a consistent natural cosmetics. Healing Earth is an indispensable ingredient in the treatment of skin complaints in natural medicine.

The valuable Healing Earth consists of minerals and trace elements. It is combined with skin-soothing extracts of the blue ballflower, anti-inflammatory black cumin oil and moisturizing meadowfoam oil.

Controlled Natural Cosmetics (BDHI)

Luvos Medical Skin care with Healing Earth is certified by BDIH as controlled Natural Cosmetics. The products are vegan, free from synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives. They do not contain alkali soaps, mineral oils, paraffins, silicones or lanolin. Luvos med is made in Germany.