Luvos Healing Earth digest calm

Luvos Heilerde 1 fein

...natural remedy against

Luvos Healing Earth gastro balance

...the natural remedy for
IBS - Irretable Bowel Syndrome  

Luvos Healing Earth redux plus

Luvos-Heilerde magenfein

...the natural remedy for

Luvos Healing Earth pure detox

 ...noticeable effect in
 binding pollutants

Luvos Healing Earth derma intense

 ...noticeable effect in

Luvos Wash Cream with Healing Earth


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Cleansing and Care

Luvos Wash Cream with its mild composition gently cleanses pore deep without drying out the skin.The valuable minerals and trace elements of original Healing Earth bind excessive amounts of skin fat and dirt and remove noxious substances and scales.

The extract of black cohosh guards against skin irritations, while almond oil prevents the skin from becoming dry. Also suitable for removing make-up, leaving your complexion fresh and clear.

The wash cream can be used for all skin types.


Apply morning and evening to the moist skin of your face, neck and décolleté and massage in gently to produce a foam. Rinse off with plenty of water.