Luvos Healing Earth digest calm

Luvos Heilerde 1 fein

...natural remedy against

Luvos Healing Earth gastro balance

...the natural remedy for
IBS - Irretable Bowel Syndrome  

Luvos Healing Earth redux plus

Luvos-Heilerde magenfein

...the natural remedy for

Luvos Healing Earth pure detox

 ...noticeable effect in
 binding pollutants

Luvos Healing Earth derma intense

 ...noticeable effect in

What is Luvos Healing Earth

Particularly fine mixture

Luvos Healing Earth is a pure natural product without additives and consists exclusively of glacial loess, which has a special, almost ideal composition of minerals and trace elements.


How the loess for Luvos Healing Earth arised

Loess is a rock that was created by the destruction of other rocks and was subsequently deposited. Thus, loess is one of the sedimentary rocks. The naturally occurring loess is already a very fine powder, which is gently finely ground and sieved by the modern manufacturing process. This results in particles with a diameter of one-thousandth of a millimeter. The specific surface area (surface area per unit weight) is thus increased. The larger the surface, the more pronounced is the ability of the Healing Earth to bind substances.

What does Luvos Healing Earth consist of

Luvos Healing Earth has a unique natural composition of valuable minerals and trace elements. Among others it contains silicate, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, copperand zinc. Luvos Healing Earth is processed without any chemical additives such as preservatives, colorants or fragrances.

How the Luvos Healing Earth is made

This purely natural product is vegan and is processed without any additives such as fragrances, colours or preservatives.

State-of-the-art technology is used to gently treat the valuable loess. It is dried at 130 ° C, ensuring any bacteria present is destroyed. The Healing Earth is then ground and sieved in a special procedure to a very fine powder. The Healing Earth products have an indication-specific degree of fineness according to the desired therapeutic effect.