Luvos Healing Earth digest calm

...natural remedy against

Luvos Healing Earth gastro balance

...the natural remedy for
IBS - Irretable Bowel Syndrome  

Luvos Healing Earth redux plus

Luvos-Heilerde magenfein

...the natural remedy for

Luvos Healing Earth pure detox

 ...noticeable effect in
 binding pollutants

Luvos Healing Earth derma intense

 ...noticeable effect in

Excerpts from "Go back to nature!"

About the natural way of life:

"In which way in the re-observance of the laws of nature, the healing in our body is going on, can only be based on hypotheses, we do not know exactly and do not need to know.

All "scientific-anatomical-physiological" and other explanations and proofs, which are also set up daily and just as often discarded, have no meaning and no purpose. One can have one's views on processes in the healthy and diseased body of man, but there is no need for people to argue and embitter. In fact in the complete indisturbed pure nature everything is beautiful and good, i.e. it is healthy. The human is more or quickly able to lift and balance all disturbances and deviations from his original ideal state of mind, body and soul depending on the burden and the life force still present as well as he does return to nature and its means.

If, therefore, we seek to recognize the prescriptions of nature in all respects with great care, and strive with earnestness and zeal to do so, as far as physical and mental powers and other circumstances permit, we shall fulfill a duty whereby the best possible for our own benefit. "

About curing diseases:

"The acute diseases are now, as they are still feared today, always quite favorable curative crises, which are always to be welcomed with pleasure and which are dangerous only by wrong treatment with medication and isolation of the patient from fresh air, as the body weakened and paralyzed in his activity, so that the foreign matter stimulated now cannot be excreted and so very uncomfortable and even lead to death".

"In all illnesses, in acute as well as in chronic or in wounds, physical and mental rest is of great importance, because the body needs all its powers to heal."