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IBS - Irretable Bowel Syndrome  

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Luvos Healing Earth against Heartburn


Luvos Healing Earth
digest calm


Fast and effective relief from heartburn, indigestion and acid-related stomach complaints. Supportive treatment of irritable stomach with persistent symptoms such as belching, stomach pressure and bloating.



Counters heartburn fast and effectively

If there is a painful burning in the oesophagus, fast help is highly welcome. This is the reason why acid-binding drugs (so-called antacids) are so popular. Luvos Healing Earth consists of very special loess. By its optimum mineral structure, it binds excessive amounts of acid without any known side effects – naturally and effectively. 

Excellent acid binding

A teaspoon (about 6.50 g) of Luvos Healing Earth binds about 25 mEq of acid. Its acid-binding capacity thus corresponds to the specifications of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) for a single
dose of acid-binding drugs.

Other healing earths have a different composition whose acid-binding capacity is only very weak. They have not been approved as drugs for heartburn.



Säurebindung Heilerde Sodbrennen Säurebdingte Magenbeschwerden Luvos 

Fast and effective relief of Irritable stomach (functional dyspepsia)

Luvos Healing Earth is used as a mineral gastrointestinal agent for Irritable stomach (functional dyspepsia). Luvos Healing Earth digest calm can normalise gastrointestinal activity. Due to its excellent acid-binding capacity Luvos Healing Earth digest calm can bind excessive acid and protect the stomach lining. Persistent symptoms of functional dyspepsia, such as belching, heartburn, stomach pressure and bloating are treated naturally.

Naturopathic tips against heartburn and acid-related stomach problems

About 20 million people in Germany suffer from heartburn and acid-related symptoms. Especially at night lying down, after heavy meals, after consuming alcohol or tobacco, bending over or lifting loads, it comes to acid regurgitation and heartburn. From a naturopathic point of view, you should always try to prevent heartburn:

Change of eating and living habits
You can avoid heartburn by eating well and avoiding foods that have caused repeated discomfort. The following foods are among the common triggers and should be avoided:
Foods: fatty, mayonnaise, legumes, fresh bread, smoked meats, hot spices, onions, citrus fruit, sweets, chocolate.
Drinks: coffee, mint tea, alcoholic drinks (especially white wine), fruit juices, cola.
Eating too fast and irregularly increases the risk of your stomach getting upset - but also mental stress, too little sleep and overweight contribute to the symptoms. The following behaviors help protect you from heartburn:
• distribute smaller meals for the day
• last food intake in the early evening
• weight reduction in overweight
• raise your upper body at night

Luvos Healing Earth helps naturally and effectively:
Often you will be reminded in everyday life, unfortunately only by stomach problems and heartburn back to these good intentions. Luvos Healing Earth then acts immediately after taking acid-binding, free of side effects.