Luvos Healing Earth digest calm

...natural remedy against

Luvos Healing Earth gastro balance

...the natural remedy for
IBS - Irretable Bowel Syndrome  

Luvos Healing Earth redux plus

Luvos-Heilerde magenfein

...the natural remedy for

Luvos Healing Earth pure detox

 ...noticeable effect in
 binding pollutants

Luvos Healing Earth derma intense

 ...noticeable effect in

Luvos Organic Food Supplements with Healing Earth

For the Daily Plus of specific Micronutrients

Luvos Organic Food Supplements promote beauty and well-being. The innovative bio-complexes contain natural Healing Earth combined with perfectly balanced organic botanical ingredients.

For a daily boost.


Living better in a natural way



A healthy colon is the basis for beauty and well-being. Healing Earth, a pure natural product, has been used for generations to support health.

The innovative Luvos Organic Food Supplements contain optimally coordinated organic complexes with Healing Earth and natural botanical ingredients - from certified organic cultivation. It is sufficient to take one capsule per day.

For the daily plus.


In harmony with nature

Luvos' holistic experience is the basis for selecting proven plants with special micro-nutrients.

Luvos relies on the power of the whole plant: instead of artificially picking out individual ingredients, it maintains its naturally effective diversity with all of its special micro-nutrients to which humans have been adapted for thousands of years.

Luvos Promise of Quality

  • without preservatives, colors and flavors according to law
  • contains no animal products or gelatines
  • contains no lactose, gluten or sugar
  • vegan
  • made in Germany

Luvos Bitter Compound Plus

Supports digestion

An unbalanced, fatty diet can put strain on the digestive system. Excessive eating and drinking pleasure quickly lead to excessive demands on the digestive system. This can lead to bloating, stomach pressure or unwanted inertia.

Luvos Bitter Compound Plus 




Luvos Fibre Plus

with tumeric for a healthy nutrition

Healthy, natural digestion is very important for well-being and quality of life. The gut plays a significant role in the digestive process. 

 Luvos Fibre Plus 






Luvos Skin Plus

for a beautiful, healthy skin

Silky, smooth skin gives you a healthy appearance. A healthy lifestyle, proper care and adequate nutritional intake provide natural beauty from within. If the skin is not optimally supplied, it may appear dull and tend to wrinkle.

Luvos Skin Plus 





Luvos Hair & Nails Plus

for beautiful hair and strong nails

Beautiful hair and strong nails ensure a well-groomed appearance. Dull hair and brittle nails can be signs of a one-sided nutrition.

Luvos Hair & Nails Plus