Luvos Natural Cosmetics with Healing Earth

Medical skin care

Sensitive or very dry skin and skin affected by atopic dermatitis feels irritated, rough and tight. It tends to become flaky, itchy and red. In such cases, the skin's protective barrier is usually no longer intact. The skin loses moisture and is susceptible to external influences. The skin's own regenerative capacity is also reduced. Luvos med has been specially developed for such specific needs and provides the skin with natural relief.

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Luvos Healing Earth has been a core element in a variety of naturopathic remedies for more than 100 years. The wealth of experience gained in this time is the basis of Luvos Natural Cosmetics products with their deep penetrating and harmonizing effect.

The valuable minerals and trace elements contained in the Healing Earth are enriched with selected cosmetic substances and natural active agents of botanical origin to prepare finely balanced compositions for face, body, hair and wellness treatments.

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Luvos-Natural Cosmetics Facial Masks

Elements of Nature
Luvos Natural Cosmetics masks pamper the skin with healing earth and the best ingredients nature has to offer. Algae Lifewater extracts, quince extract, beech bud extract. 

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