Luvos Healing Earth digest calm

Luvos Heilerde 1 fein

...natural remedy against

Luvos Healing Earth gastro balance

...the natural remedy for
IBS - Irretable Bowel Syndrome  

Luvos Healing Earth redux plus

Luvos-Heilerde magenfein

...the natural remedy for

Luvos Healing Earth imutox

 ...noticeable effect in

Luvos Healing Earth derma intense

 ...noticeable effect in

About Luvos

Heilerde-Gesellschaft Luvos Just


The Heilerde-Gesellschaft Luvos Just GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Adolf Just in Blankenburg in 1918. Very soon, "Adolf Justs Luvos Heilerde" had become a natural medicine that was held in high esteem both at home and abroad. The consequences of WWII required a stop of manufacture. After WWII, the Heilerde-Gesellschaft moved to Bad Homburg in Hesse and later to neighbouring Friedrichsdorf, where it has its seat still today. 

Manufacturer and distributor of natural medical and cosmetic products

"Let‘s turn back to the gifts of nature and use them for our well-being!" This was Adolf Just‘s life-long motto. He therefore considered it particularly important to use as medicine only purely natural products without any chemical or other additives. In more than 90 years of manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical and medical products, the founder’s atttude has become an unalterable part of the company‘s tradition. Up to this day, the Heilerde-Gesellschaft has continued to be the leading German company to produce and distribute natural medical and cosmetic products from Luvos healing earth.